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At Muskoka Christian School subjects are taught from a biblical perspective understanding that God created the world for man to enjoy and subdue it. We have a responsibility to learn about the world God created and to be good stewards of it. This is accomplished through the study of history, math, science and physical geography.

God has called us to care for each other and to have compassion for each other. We can learn to do this by studying social studies, languages and human geography.

Students can learn to express messages and feeling through using their gifts in the arts and technology. The subjects of art, drama, physical education, music and technology give opportunity for students to demonstrate the beauty of God's world and to express God's love for mankind.

Learning to be Christ followers is key to the Christian life. Applying biblical truths to daily life is learned through studying the Bible in Bible class.

We teach students to think and act in accordance to Scripture, whether they are studying math, science, literature, history or the arts. When possible, curriculum published by Christian publishers is selected. 


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