Parent's Voices

Parents value the education offered at M.C.S. and this is what some of our parents have to say about the school, the teachers and the staff.
"In addition to the non-denominational Christian education, I like the focus on academics, character development, and leadership opportunities for my children."
"Excellent school with fabulous teachers! My children are learning and growing in so many ways! MCS exceeds my expectations as far as education for my children. MCS is a forward thinking, innovative school with strong Godly leadership."
"The school has proven to be a caring environment that has really benefitted our children. In our culture that is becoming ever more secularized, I am thankful for the strong Christian focus that MCS provides. The smaller class sizes allow for more one on one time with the teachers and opportunities within the classroom"
"We value Christian education as an important role in influencing and teaching our children. MCS has helped encourage and grow their faith in what our children are being taught daily, academically, physically and socially."
Tony & Denise 
"Christian Education has always been an integral part of our lives. We both attended for 12 years and I taught at both elementary and secondary levels. Our move to Muskoka was conditional on the presence of a Christian school. Having had no previous experience as parents in a Christian school we didn't know what to expect. We have been overwhelmed by the caring community and supportive staff. The willingness of the staff to go above and beyond meeting the needs of our children has blessed us as a family. We thank God for MCS and pray that we can continue to be part of that blessing to others."
Written by a M.C.S. parent
May I dig their roots in Godly ground, a place where You can be found,
May they be sheltered from life’s wind and storm,
May they stand firm and straight, and not conform.
May they learn to handle conflict as You say,
Help them seek Your will throughout each day.
Thank you for the teachers who pray to You,
Who seek Your direction to see them through,
May they show Your strength and grace,
As a classroom full of Your children they embrace,
A comfort and peace I know each day.
My children are being helped to know Your way,
Their gifts and talents to nurture and grow,
So more of You each day they will show,
To grow strong and faithful and true, to show others their life in You.
Thank you for this school – a safe place,
Where my children can grow in knowledge and grace.