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About Us

Muskoka Christian School is about Excellence

We value hard work and a commitment to the best in all areas. That’s why students receive opportunities to grow in academics, character, leadership, service, the arts, athletics, and their Christian faith. We believe in educating the whole child … heart, mind, body, and spirit. 

Muskoka Christian School is about Experience

Our qualified teachers coordinate curriculum and instructional material from elementary through high school to engage the learner and provide opportunity for students to become leaders of their own learning. Through multiple and varied units of study, including Project Based Learning and Expeditionary Learning, students increase knowledge and understanding.

Muskoka Christian School is about Everyone

We believe that we can be no more than the sum of our parts. We value the partnership of the parents, students, and teachers who work on behalf of our school community. Together, we’re committed to meeting the individual needs of every student, exactly where they’re at.

See for yourself what Muskoka Christian School is about

We welcome you to visit our campus and see for yourself. Simply call the school office at 705-385-2847 to schedule your appointment. You are welcome here.

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Mission Statement
Learn truth. Live faith. Inspire hope. 
Vision Statement 
Inspiring students to glorify God on their journey in God's story.