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High School

Muskoka Christian School is pleased to announce the launch of a Christian high school for the fall of 2023! Here's a glimpse of the features of the high school program:

Purpose of the Program

To guide each student on a journey of self-discovery and biblical worldview formation; guiding students to answer these questions:

  • Who is God? 
  • Who did God design me to be?
  • How can I live that out now?
  • Who an I becoming?
  • How can God's plan for me to experience "abundant life" (John 10:10b) become part of the decisions I make about my future?
  • How can I help bring healing to a broken world?

Flexible Model of Education

At Muskoka Christian High School the model of education allows for greater flexibility. Since a required number of in class instructional hours is not a requirement for successful credit completion, it frees students to engage in wonderful learning opportunities that may arise requiring deviation from the daily or weekly schedule. Students are encouraged to engage in these experiences as they are able to step away from routine then return where they left off.

On a daily basis, since lessons are pre-recorded, students can take breaks or pauses, as necessary, to regain focus or replay portions of lessons to gain deeper understanding. Making up a missed lesson because of illness or planned excursions is accomplished with ease.

Some courses allow flexibility to complete requirements within a shorter or longer time period, satisfying   students with a desire to fast track or to make slower progression in their studies.

Partnering with Nimbus Christian Education

We are partnering with Nimbus Christian Education a certified online Christian high school granting the Ontario Secondary Graduation Diploma. They offer a wide variety of course options to students in grades 9-12 as they explore God's hand at work in every square inch of our lives. Christian teachers utilize unique content delivery to engage students in learning. Check out the Nimbus Christian Education website.

Guidance Sessions

Regular sessions are designed in the programme for students to meet one-on-one with school staff. These sessions focus on setting and reflecting on personal, academic and spiritual goals. Personal development explores who God designed each student to be and which pieces of that whole will benefit from more time and attention in order to experience its full joy and expression. Academically, students look ahead to upcoming requirements for each course and assess where they are in terms of achievement and organization, making commitments to adjustments where deemed necessary. Spiritually, students are invited to consider their relationship with God and how to develop that relationship deeper.

 Leadership Development

Muskoka Christian High School has set a high standard for personal development in the area of leadership. All of our students will be leaders in a variety of ways throughout their lifetime, whether it be within school, career, family, church or volunteer positions, but most definitely as leaders of their own learning. When given the tools and opportunity, success will be the outcome. It is therefore important that students develop the skills to become strong leaders. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People gives a framework to teach students to become effective leaders.

Mentorship & Volunteering

A unique feature at Muskoka Christian High School is the opportunity for mentorship and volunteering, beginning in grade 9. Connections are formed between local businesses, organizations and ministries that correspond with students’ personal and career interests. Mature Christians guide and pour into students to give them insights and valuable experience in students’ areas of interest. Students gain first-hand experience from those already in vocations living their faith on a daily basis. Students are required to fulfil the mandatory 40 hours of community service hours prior to graduation.

Personal Development - Genius Hour

The programme is designed to provide opportunity for personal development. Students are expected to invest time and energy in activities that develop their personal gifting and interests. Students will draft their goals and plans for their personal development and have opportunity to showcase the results of their development. Kinds of personal enrichment activities may include private lessons (music, art etc.), volunteer at a not-for-profit, personal fitness, learn a new skill, visit with the elderly, help in the elementary school etc.

Hands-On Service Projects

As an extension of our love for God, we desire that students have opportunity to express God’s love to others through hands-on service projects within our local and global communities. We will work with recognized Christian organizations to create unique experiences to have a lasting impact upon our students and those we serve.

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