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Bible Character Day!
Ski Day!
The JK/SK & Grade 1/2 students were able to share love with new friends at Community Living in Bracebridge.
Twin Day at Muskoka Christian
This Week At MCS
Monday May. 23 - 2022
Monday May. 23 - 2022
Thursday May. 26 - 2022
Thursday May. 26 - 2022

Dress Code

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Students are to wear the school uniform every day. Casual Days and special days are exceptions to wearing the school uniform. On Casual Days and special days, including Awards & Graduation Ceremonies, students are to follow the school's dress code. 

The MCS Dress Code follows:

  • Ripped, excessively tight or baggy jeans are not allowed. Jeans that hang from the hips revealing under clothes are not permitted.
  • Shirts, tops and dresses must cover the top of the shoulders and cover the midriff. No thinly strapped tops and dresses.
  • Shirts are to be free of offensive slogans, images and advertising.
  • Shorts are to come to fingertips when standing.
  • Skirts/dresses must be around knee length.
  • Hats, boots and coats are not to be worn in the school.