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Differentiated Instruction

Since each student learns and grows in their own unique way and speed, Muskoka Christian School teachers adapt their teaching and curriculum to meet the needs of each student. Extra support is given to help students reach their full potential. Smaller class sizes enable teachers to allocate more one-on-one time, with individual and small groups of students, focused on area of need.

Student Support Services

Whether it be extended learning opportunities for students who are ready for extra stimulation and challenge, alternate methods of instruction or assessment to best reflect individual student gifts and abilities, or targeted skill building and extra practice in areas of challenge, our teachers looks for ways to best serve and love every unique student. Student Support Services at Muskoka Christian School offers support to teachers, as they guide, facilitate and teach, and to students, as they learn and grow. A Resource Room is available as a quiet distraction-free work space, and as a place for small group and individual instruction with a Resource Teacher.


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