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Students at Muskoka Christian School are involved in a variety of activities to enhance student learning and enrich the learning environment.


Buddies encourage relationships to be formed between older and younger students to develop mentorship responsibilities, and care and concern for each other. All students are matched with a Buddy from another grade and each week an interaction time is scheduled. Whether time is spent reading to a younger student or listening while a younger student reads, playing a learning game, or eating lunch together once a month, Buddies is a wonderful way for students to interact and develop respect for one another.

Colour Crews

Students are divided among four Colour Crews for team building and fun activities. Once a month, a Crew Day is planned for students to earn points for their crew. These days may be dress-up days or a team building event. During weekly Assemblies, often there is a time for crews to collaborate while learning biblical principles.  Working with fellow students of all grade levels encourage respect for others, develops leadership skills, strengthens relationships and fosters a caring community.

Leadership Crews

In our world today it is crucial to develop responsibility, initiative and collaborative skills. Leadership Crews offer students the opportunity to develop these key skills and more, through taking ... Students from grades 1 to 8 are assigned duties and responsibilities from Door Holders, Battery Brigade, Event Coordinators, Hospitality Team, Intramurals, Kiss N' Ride Caretakers, Library Assistants, Reading Leaders, Tech Team, Transition Facilitators plus additional crews.


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