21st Century Learning

The teachers at MCS had the privilege of being able to attend the EDvance teachers conference for Christian School educators back in October. It was a very inspirational time that allowed for some excellent conversation and thinking about the future of education. Knowledge is doubling at an alarming rate. In 1900, knowledge doubled every 100 years. Today, knowledge is doubling every 18 months. With this information, how do we prepare students for the future? Skills that are going to be required to be effective in the 21st century workforce are skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, leadership, agility, adaptability, innovation, entrepreneurialism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information, curiosity and imagination. In order to help students be prepared for the future, it is important to create a school culture that engages students behaviourally (body), socially/emotionally/spiritually (heart), and cognitively (mind). Engaged students can then learn to collaborate together to find solutions which will lead to innovation and teams of students working together to find new solutions. Here at Muskoka Christian School, we are excited to partner with students and to help equip them for the future by engaging in active learning through Project Based Learning and through the strategic use of technology. With great excitement we as a staff are looking forward to all that the Lord has ahead for this school and the impact that these students will have in the world around them.

Written by Lisa Spence our grade 1/2 classroom teacher. Lisa loves to engage our young learners in their daily learning!

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