Thoughts From Our 2017 Graduates

It is hard to believe that another group of graduates are ready to finish their time here at MCS. We truly delight is witnessing each of our graduates grow and mature in so many ways over the course of the years as students at MCS. We wish them God's blessings in high school and beyond, knowing that God goes with them and has prepared them for every situation and journey life offers.

Here are their thoughts on their time as students at MCS.

I think my time at M.C.S has prepared me for high school in a way most schools couldn’t.  This is most likely because it is a Christian school.  I don’t know why, but some of the most vivid memories of MCS are of pain, physical or mental.  Grade 5 and 6 were probably the hardest years for me because I wasn’t as confident as I am now.  I kept comparing myself to others and I always got angry when I lost.  I thank the Lord I am more mature and confident in myself now. I believe MCS is a fun and wonderful place full of learning and I hope I will also have as much fun at high school.    - Angus C.

As a grade eight graduate, I have many things to say about MCS. Mainly, I am very happy with how much this school has prepared me for high school. I feel as though I will be able to handle the change from a Christian school to a secular high school much better than I would have without having so much Christian influence in my life.
Everything I have learned since kindergarten and specifically in grades seven and eight has helped me grow in my faith and my wisdom about God. And having fun doing it! I have had many great years at MCS and am grateful to have had the opportunity to come here.    - Carlie M.

I made friends and I made memories. This community helped to change me and turned me into the young woman I am today. This school gave me confidence, and I’ve learned to love myself. In the past, I’ve made some mistakes. I was lonely and now I have God. Ahead, I see a bright future. My name is Hailey and I’m proud to say MCS is my school. Muskoka Christian School is my home and my family and I’ll never forget that!    - Hailey S.

I’ve been coming to MCS for ten years now and it’s great! People ask me if I’m excited for high school and my answer is, “I have mixed feelings about it.” MCS is such a small school and BMLSS is such a big school, the change will be a hard and trying one for me in many ways. I know though, that the teachers here have prepared me for almost everything about what’s waiting for me at high school. They’ve also helped me to realise that my faith and trust in Jesus is important through both the good times and bad. I’m very thankful to my parents for sending me to MCS and I know that I’ll remember my years here for a long time.    - Erin V.

I came to MCS when I was in grade 7. I now finish my second and last year here. Grade 9 doesn’t seem very intimidating, mostly because I have other siblings that go to high school and tell me what’s going on. Overall, I think I had a good time at this school. We had many jokes, and I had a little group of friends called “The Crew.” I created many memories here, and most of them were good! We made small jokes in class, and we talked about random stuff. This school may be small, but there are many nice people here. It’s a great school to go to! As a person who has experienced many different schools, this is definitely one of the most exciting. I look to the LORD to continue to guide me to make good and godly choices in the future. As the Bible says, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)    - Mike V.

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