Israel was God`s chosen nation. But that does not mean that the people of Israel were in any way perfect. The Israelites made some great choices, but also some poor ones. God is true to His Word when He says that you will reap what you sow. The Israelites reaped the consequences of their poor choices.

One of the Israelites' poor choices was asking for a king. God had said that He would set them apart from the other nations and that He wanted them to be unique. They, on the other hand, wanted to be like the people around them. They got what they asked for, but it came with significant consequences.  Israelís first king was Saul. Saul was chosen to lead Godís people but, sadly, he did not follow Godís instructions. Therefore, God left Saul and then put an evil spirit in Saul to torment him. The consequences of Saul's not following Godís instruction was God leaving him and Saulís reign being replaced by King David. By the time Jeroboam, the fifth king of Israel, was on the throne, he did not believe Godís Word. His blatant disobedience to God would affect the everyday lives of the people. Choosing a king was a very poor decision on Israelís part. God gave Samuel a list of what the king needed to do and what the consequences would be if the king did not obey. Sadly, the Israelites didn't obey God's commands and their disobedience plunged their crumbling society even further into despair.

Today, we also often pay dearly for our mistakes and ungodly choices. The nations also pay for their disobedience to the God of the universe. Just like the Israelites, we want to be accepted by the world. We like good-looking charismatic leaders, just like Saul was. When Israel obeyed, God blessed it, when Israel disobeyed, there were severe consequences. Much of North American society was founded by people who attempted to obey God's laws. The consequences of disobedience to God may not yet be evident in todayís society but, if we can learn anything from the history of Israel, we know the consequences are inevitable.

 Galatians 6:7,  "Do not be deceived:  God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.Ē



The 7/8 class at MCS studied Ancient History. For an assignment, Judah M. chose to explore the consequences of obedience and disobedience in Israel's early history. He examined God's responses to Israel's choices and he then extrapolated to our own society. His assignment is published above.

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