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Biblical Worldview

Muskoka Christian School students learn the Biblical views of family and society and contrast them with other popular worldviews. Students have Bible class each day and attend Assembly each Friday morning. Biblical understanding is infused into all areas of life as a student, whether that be studying subjects, interacting with and learning to serve others, being leaders of their own learning or developing into responsible citizens. 

We believe that God’s Word speaks to every area of life. Our greatest goal is to present the truth—in fact and in philosophy. We believe that learning is being able to judge correctly and use appropriately the facts and formulas. It is knowing how to respond with godly thinking to what is presented, in whatever form. It is having the tools to make a Christlike life.

As a Christian school, we offer more than just a Bible class. We are teaching students to think and act in accordance to Scripture, whether they are studying math, science, literature, history or the arts.


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