upcoming events
Coming Events
Friday Sep. 20 - 2019
Friday Sep. 20 - 2019
Assembly starts at 8:40 until 9:30 AM each Friday morning. We look forward to seeing you!
Tuesday Sep. 24 - 2019
Tuesday Sep. 24 - 2019
Wear the full dress uniform consisting of the oxford cloth shirt and burgundy sweater. Bring your smile too!
25% Discount
Families new to Christian education entering grade 1 to 8 will receive a 25% discount off your first year of tuition. Contact our school for more information.


The Governance Of Our School

Operating the School With Integrity
Muskoka Christian School is owned and operated by the Muskoka Association for Christian Education which is an association of Christians committed to providing academic education within a Christian framework. The school is neither owned nor operated by a church or denomination.
The Purpose Of Membership
  • To ensure the ongoing Christian character and principles of Muskoka Christian School.
  • To provide a group from which leadership for Muskoka Association for Christian Education can be selected.
  • To ensure a high level of parental knowledge, involvement and support for the activities of the school and association.