Highlights for the Month of May

Welcome May!!  It's amazing to realize that we are in the homestretch for our kindergarten year.  This month is going to be filled with lots of learning and opportunities to serve by acts of kindness.  God has been so good to us this year - He has given us many opportunities to learn about Him through our Bible time and in our daily interactions with each other.

Here are some of the monthly highlights for May:

**Tuesday, June 15 is Jump Rope for Heart Day.  Each child is asked to bring a toonie to school.  We are learning how to skip (or improving) during gym time.

**Thursday, May 24 is our annual Celebration of Learning evening at the school.  We will be having a fine arts theme this year.  We look forward to showing you our creations.  We will also be selling our sunflower plant seedlings that evening to the MCS community - I hope to enlist some students to help me "man" our table.  The kindergarten children are so much cuter than I am!!:)  More details to follow as we get closer to the date.

**Saturday, May 26 at 9:30 - 11:00(ish) is the World Vision 6K Walk for Water.  I plan on doing this walk with my family and invite anyone who is interested to join.  The route will be in Bracebridge and will be stroller accessible.  It is $50 per adult and $25 per child - HOWEVER, each family can donate as much or as little as they are able and still join on the walk.  All proceeds from the entrance fee will go towards two villages in West Africa who are in need of clean water.  The proceeds of our sunflower sale will go towards this great cause.  Please contact me if you are interested - 705-641-9442 or

**Thursday, May 31 is MCS Bubble/Movin' Up Day.   Our SK students will spend the morning in the Grade 1 class and our JK students will practice being leaders to our new JK boys and girls.

And then, of course, there is all of the daily learning and growing that continues!  Keep reading to see what your child will be learning and studying this month.

Sincerely,  Mrs. Antonides



Our Bible Theme for April and early May will be "God Helps Me Live For Him".  We will be using the stories of Jonah to talk about obedienceThe Good Samaritan to talk about kindness and The 10 Lepers to talk about thankfulness.  We will focus particularly on kindness - on God's kindness towards us and how we can plant seeds of kindness in the lives of our families and classmates.  Children will be encouraged to share examples of kindness they showed or that were shown towards them and we will post them on 'seeds' on a bulletin board so we can grow together.  More on this to follow!


Memory verse for the month:

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.....If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit."   Galations 5: 22 +25

(Youtube Steve Green "Fruit of the Spirit" song.  We will use this song to learn the verse this month).



Language Skills:

*   We continue to blend sounds into simple words and segment words into their sounds - basically, creating and pulling apart words.  These are skills that are foundational to reading and spelling.  This will be done at an introductory level for the JK students, with the focus remaining on learning the letter sounds and names.  At the SK level, we will be working towards the goal of fluency at the CVC level.  CVC words are words that are made up of a consonant - vowel - consonant (ex. bat, fin, sat).   

*  We are reviewing 1 - 2 letters per week. The letters Gg, Oo, Pp, Ee, Uu and Ll will be reviewed by the whole class this month.  Long and short vowel sounds for a, e, i, o, u will be reviewed regularly this month so that we can begin to create words with long vowels with the SK students in May.    SK will be introduced to ck and ng as well.

*  Listen to a story and respond to their favourite part in oral or pictoral form.  I will read a simple chapter book aloud to the students this month to encourage them to 'make pictures in their heads.'

*  Recite simple poems and rhymes about April and the colour of the month (brown).

*  Follow oral instructions and continue to develop listening and speaking skills

*  Writing:  We are beginning a unit in writing called "Our Pictures Tell a Story".  Each lesson begins with me modelling writing by drawing a picture and writing a 'story' or labelling.  The students will be asked to do the same.  After they are done their story/picture, they will be asked to share with their classmates. Students will be encouraged to draw and write to the best of their abilities, sounding out words and using kid-writing.  I expect this unit will take us to the middle or end of May.  Concepts such as proper spacing between words, capital letters at the beginning of sentences, and punctuation at the end of sentences will all be reviewed regularly.  


SK:  Sight word focus -  No new words will be added for the remainder of April.  I want to work on developing fluency with the words they already have in their files at this time.




* Rote counting up to 100 by the end of April.  We are up to 80 at this point in time.  

* Lots of work recognizing and printing numbers.  SK students will work on printing numbers up to 80 and JK students will learn how to form the letters 1-10.  Manipulative use will reinforce the value of numbers.

* We will begin a unit on Comparing Sets.  Using concrete objects, students will learn to to see if two separate sets contain the same number of objects or if one set has less/more.  If a set has less, what can we do to make them equal?   We will work on this concept for the month, laying the groundwork for the concept of addition.

*  SK -  Using blocks, we are beginning to learn addition.  The symbols of + and = were introduced.   



*   CANADA -  We will continue to learn about some of the symbols and geography of Canada.  Each student will color a map of Canada over the next weeks as we learn about different provinces, via picture and storybooks.  I have tried to incorporate the Canadian theme throughout other subject areas as well.

*   PLANT LIFE -  Since we are growing sunflowers for our global mission project, it makes sense to spend some time on plant development.  We will use our baby plants to watch and learn.

Physical Education:

*  The main focus for May will be on skipping as we prepare for the Jump Rope for Heart Day.  We will have lots of opportunities to learn as we practice and play games.  



FRENCH:  Counting to 20, colours and basic greetings.  We are trying to use our greetings with each other.  We will also begin to learn O Canada in French this term, as we sing both English and French weekly in assembly.  

MUSIC:  Lots of singing and work with instruments and keeping a beat.  Clapping and copying rhythms.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS:  Continued practice with cutting, pasting and painting.  Skill development with puzzles, using tweezers to pick up objects and play dough.


Colour of the Month: