September 24-28, 2018

Another week has flown by!  Thanks to all of you who sent in an article of baby clothing (if you have not and would still like to, it's not too late) - we had so much fun looking at the different sizes and seeing how much we have grown! 

Here's what's coming up!

Upcoming Events:

 Tuesday, Sept. 25th - School Picture Day.  Students are asked to be dressed in full uniform, including the cardigan for the photos.  Blue tunic dresses for the girls are welcome.

Thursday, Sept. 27th @ 2:10 p.m. - Terry Fox Run.   Each student is asked to bring a "toonie for Terry".  Parents are invited to join the fun and cheer their child on and/or run and walk alongside! Our school goal is to raise $140 for cancer - if we meet our goal, the students earn an extra CASUAL DAY!!

*  Thursday, October 4 @ 3:30-6:30 p.m. - Fabulous 40 Fair.  This year Muskoka Christian School turns 40!!  We are hosting a free afternoon of food, games and fun!  Please plan to join us at the school for the festivities!

*  Friday, October 5 - No school - PD Day

*  Monday, October 8 - No school - Thanksgiving

General Reminders:

*  Daily communication folders go home each day.  Please take a moment to check for any items that require your attention or to celebrate completed work coming home.  I will be sending our first weekly homework sheet/activity this Tuesday.  Please return these by the following Tuesday (or earlier) so that I can look them over.  Feel free to do these with your child, if they require your encouragement/help.  

*  Our weekly Library time is Thursday afternoons.  Please have your child return his/her book by Thursday so that they are able to check a new book out.

Leader of the Day:  Reminder:  Leaders of the Day can bring 1 thing to share with the class - only 1 item please!

Monday:   Lewis

Tuesday:  Marcus

Wednesday:  Noah

Thursday:  Owen

Friday:  Bella


We saw how God created SKY on Day 2 and did several water/air related activities.  This week we will focus on how God created WATER on Day 2.  We are learning a Creation song for each day as well - my hope is to present as much as we have learned for Grandparents Day.

Memory Work:  We will be learning a different memory verse each month. Our school year theme verse will be our focus for September. We will practice regularly in class but please take the time to practice at home as well.  I will have the children recite the verse at the end of every month. I have given our JK students a shortened version but if your child is able to learn the entire verse, go for it!

JK:  "But we have this treasure in jars of show God's power."

SK:  "But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us."  2Corinthians 4:7


* We have been introduced to the letters a-h (Annie Apple, Bouncy Ben, Clever Cat, Dippy Duck, Eddy Elephant, Firefighter Fred, Golden Girl and Harry Hat Man) over the past two weeks.  Each of these character names begin with the letter sound so your child is able to figure out the sound by starting to say the character name.  If you Google/YouTube "Letterland" you will see what the characters look like and a song to go along.  This week we will meet the letters i-l (Impy Ink, Jumping Jim, Kicking King and Lucy Lamplight).  

* We will continue to focus on learning to recognize and print our names.

* Nursery Rhyme:  Mary Had a Little Lamb  (The children love this one!!)

* A focus for September will be learning the days of the week in the correct order.

SK:  Sight words - I, see, an, a.


* Rote counting and number recognition from 1 -10.  Lots of hands-on activities to engage hands and minds.

* We will complete a math unit called 'Describing Our World' where we practice using language such as bigger/smaller, same/different etc. to describe various objects.  We have been doing simple worksheets together (ie. circle the bigger object, circle the smallest object)  where the children are learning to follow directions.


*  We will continue to work on routines and becoming familiar with the school environment.  Morning circle time has been expanded to include a morning greeting, sharing time and a group activity.

*  We will continue our unit "All About Me".  This will be a way to celebrate and learn about the unique way that God has created each child.  We are working on a little book that I hope to complete by Thanksgiving weekend for you to enjoy with your child.


Have a GREAT week!


Mrs. Antonides