Our class is learning to think before putting words on paper so spelling correctly can happen more consistently. Please take a minute to encourage your child at home in this area as well.  
Teacher: Mrs. Alice Peddie
Last Revision: Nov. 7
Library Day: Thursday
Gym Day: Monday & Wednesday

Monthly Schedule

Nov. 7

Casual day

Nov. 29

M.A.C.E. meeting







Course Work

I am statements of Jesus

Math: Geometry
Language: nouns, adjectives, verbs
Social Studies: Rocks and Minerals
Gym: Fine Motor skills

 Note names and note value                                   

Spelling Lists

Spelling lists will begin next week.

Grade three:scene, seen, sense, screen, scream, school, scale, search, repair, island

Grade four:energy, energetic, excite, exact, extract, escape, guard, twelve, memory, island

Assignment Expectations

French - Review and learning the basics - les numeros de un a cinqanteles jours de la semaine,                                                                                                les salutations, les parties du corps

Links for Learning
 Lots of great sites available by clicking this link: