Grade 3 - 4

Grade 3 & 4 News.

As the unit on Trees concludes, our class has been amazed at God's providence for His creation...right down to the stomata and the stoma!

Teacher: Mrs. Alice Peddie
Last Revision: Sept. 25
Library Day: Thursday
Gym Day: Monday & Wednesday

Monthly Schedule



.Sept. 25

Picture Day   Spelling test-list below

Sept. 27

Terry Fox Run...please bring a toonie for Terry

Sept. 27

Memory work. Luke 2: 1+2

Sept. 27

Test on the science unit of trees


Course Work

Jesus' being eqiped to preach

Math: Addition
Language: Sentences/Punctuation
Science: Mapping the World
Gym: Fine Motor skills

 Note names and note value                                   

Spelling Lists

Spelling lists will begin next week.

Grade three: quick, quiet, quite, quit, quack, quiz, quill, quail, quilt, queen

Grade four:echo, choir, chord, chorus, ache, chlorine, chrome, school, circle, crazy




Assignment Expectations
    Test on Sept. 2y...expectations were sent home on Thursday, Sept. 20.  

French - Review and learning the basics - les numeros de un a vingtles jours de la semaine,                                                                                                les salutations, les parties du corps

Links for Learning
 Lots of great sites available by clicking this link: