Grade 5 - 6
Grade 5 / 6 News JUNIOR DIVISION
Teacher: Mr. Roger King

Last Revision: April 23, 2018

Gym Days: Tuesday, Thursday


Welcome back to everyone and a special welcome to our new students in grade 5/6. Come prepared to have fun, work hard and see the Lord in every subject!


Courses of Study
The Book Hebrews

Memory Verse: James 1:2-4
Grade 5: Geometry
Grade 6: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Forces: This week we are making our very own Newton scales to measure the amount of force an object exerts.
Language Arts:
Writing: Science-Fiction writing (using and identifying prepositions)



Unite, Les Animaux en Danger
Social St.
Canada and It's Trading Partners   
3 -D wire sculptures of figures in motion. A multi-lesson project.
Phys. Ed:

Bump, set, spike!  We are finishing up our unit on volleyball this week.  After that, we will be starting a unit on baseball.  Batter up!


Mental Health: Who influences you?  How can you influence others?  We are asking these questions and more this week.

Important Dates

 Thurs. April 19

  • Oliver! Musical at Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville

Wed. April 25

  • P.D. Day

Sat. April 28

  • Spring Gala

Wed. May 2

  • Casual Day
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